Treating Cold Weather Back Pain

Spine Treatments Los AngelesEven in sunny California, as the temperatures begin to drop during fall and winter, those with back injuries or issues tend to feel the aches and pains just a little more strongly. Colder temperatures can cause the muscles and joints in your back to stiffen, which not only makes the spine more vulnerable to sprains and strains, but also flare ups of previous injuries.

If you or someone you care about struggles with neck or back pain that worsens in the winter, do not wait to schedule a consultation with the Los Angeles Spine Group for a thorough exam and personalized treatment plan. It is possible to live without pain again!

Combating the Cold

Some of the best ways to alleviate aches and pains triggered by cold temperatures is to simply keep your body warm. Wearing layers or more winter-suited clothing will help prevent the muscles and joints from becoming tense, as well as applying a hot pack or heating pad to the area of your back that hurts. The warmth will help relax the stiff muscles and joints, and even increase blood circulation to the painful areas, which helps bring curative platelets and oxygen.

Another tried-and-true method for relieving flare ups of back pain is to take a warm bath or shower. The all-over warmth with not only relax your aching back, but your entire body as well.

Keep Moving

While it is all the more tempting to forego your daily exercise in the winter, the less active you are the more likely your muscles will weaken, contributing to the pain of stiff joints and herniated discs in your back. Make sure to warm up before any work out with stretches and gentle exercises to ease your cold body into the activity.

Schedule a Consultation with a Los Angeles Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

It is important to note that minor aches and pains can be alleviated with heat packs or anti-inflammatory medication, but if you suffer severe, chronic back pain, it’s time to speak with a skilled orthopedic surgeon. Contact the Los Angeles Spine Group today at 310.321.4333 for a thorough examination, accurate diagnosis, and minimally invasive, state of the art treatment options.

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