Tips for Avoiding Back Pain and Injuries During the Holiday Season

Spinal Injury Los AngelesFrom car accidents to falling on a wet or slippery sidewalk or from a shaky ladder while placing decorations, the holidays can be a busy time for emergency rooms across the country. In addition to accidents, people who already suffer from regular back pain may find their symptoms get worse towards the end of the year, with increased packing and lifting of heavy suitcases and boxes of gifts and ornaments, or from extra hours spent sitting on planes or long car rides to visit friends and loved ones.

Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Khurana offers his patients a few practical tips and guidelines to follow each year in order to avoid some of the most common causes of back pain and injuries.

Say No to Back Pain and Injury Over the Holidays

Stick to your fitness routines – It can be easy to fall off track during the busy holiday season, and careful exercise and diet routines are usually the first to go during the hectic weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve. Remembering to stretch and warm up every day, especially before strenuous activities that can put the back at risk of strain, can help to keep the muscles in the lower back relaxed and flexible.

Avoid overeating and excessive alcohol consumption – While holiday weight gain is usually the precursor to well-intentioned fitness resolutions and the purchase of new gym memberships in the beginning of the year, even an extra 10 or 15 pounds can make a difference and add unnecessary pressure on the joints and lower back. The combination of holiday snacking and alcohol during the holiday season can pack on the pounds in a short amount of time. Performing physical activities under the influence is also a common reason many people find themselves in the emergency room around the holidays.

Wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear – Dressing up for parties and festive gatherings can be one of the many joys of the holiday season. However too much time spent in high heels or uncomfortable shoes can cause back pain, and make it more difficult to navigate cold, slippery, and wet surfaces.

Safety and Posture – Always secure ladders before climbing, and make sure to practice proper posture and ergonomics when bending and lifting gifts, ornaments, and people.

Back Pain Treatment Los Angeles

Occasional backaches and strain are normal from time to time, especially during times of heightened physical activity like around the holidays. However, pain that persists over a prolonged period of time can be a sign of injury. If you are suffering from back pain or a back injury that has not responded to earlier treatment, contact Dr. Khurana at Los Angeles Spine Group today at 310.321.4333 to schedule a consultation.

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