The Game-Changing Developments of Microscopic Spine Surgery

Microsurgical Discectomy Marina del ReySpine surgery can be recommended to many for a number of issues. One way that spine surgeon, Dr. Khurana is making an effort to benefit patients who may needy spine surgery by using microscopic techniques. Microscopic surgery is minimally invasive, which leads to a faster recovery time. By creating smaller incisions, these minimally invasive procedures usually result in less pain, a lower blood loss, and a faster recovery time. This procedure is much easier for the patient due to the keeping surgical cuts to a minimum.

Microsurgical Discectomy (Microdiscectomy)

Bone fragments in the back can sometimes contact a nerve, causing someone pain or discomfort. This pain can lead to swelling and lack of mobility. A microsurgical discectomy can remove the bone fragment with ease, leaving the patient with a fast recovery time. Removing any trace of the fragment will give the patient the relief from pain and pressure they desire. Along with that, any potentially fatal neurological issues that could have resulted from the bone will be resolved.

A discectomy is performed by creating a small incision on the lower-middle part of the back that is approximately an inch to an inch and a half wide. Once the incisions is created, an experienced spine surgeon like Dr. Khurana will lift the back muscles and remove any unnecessary that covers the nerve roots. Sometimes, a small piece of the fact joint is removed so the doctor can relieve pressure over the nerve. Once the nerve root is carefully moved, the material causing any complications can be removed. Your doctor will make sure to keep all muscles, ligaments, and nerves in tact so the mobility of the lower spine is not altered.

Microsurgical Decompression (Milaminectomy)

Just like a microsurgical discectomy, a microsurgical decompression is used to relieve any pressure that is present in the spine. Similarly, it relives pressure on the nerves, and thus reduces pain and potential neurological issues.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive procedures are a game changer for anyone going under the knife. Compared to regular open back surgery, there are several risks avoided by turning to a microsurgical procedure. By choosing this option, the patient reduces any risk of surgery complications, keeps their hospital stay to a minimum, and obtains fewer cuts during the surgery, thus speeding up recovery time.

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