Low Impact Exercises to Fight Weight Gain and Ease Back Pain

LA Back Pain TreatmentAs another new year approaches, gyms and yoga studios across the country will see a surge in memberships as the annual round of well meaning (but often futile) new year’s resolutions start to roll in. Overindulging over the holiday season, as well as motivation to turn over a healthy and active new leaf in January, are the most common reasons people give for starting a new exercise and fitness regime at the start of a new year. But for people suffering from low back pain, or a spine condition like degenerative disc disease, the right exercise routine is crucial to help alleviate back pain and allow for healthy movement and mobility year round.

Safe Exercises and Poses for Back Pain Sufferers

The need to exercise and stay active through the pain and stiffness of a back injury or spine condition might seem counter-intuitive. Putting any pressure or added strain on the back would seem to make the problem worse, even risking further injury. The truth is that bed rest and immobility can, and often does, compound back pain. Keeping the muscles that support the lower back, including the core, strong and healthy should be a priority for everyone, but most importantly for people who suffer from chronic back pain or a spine condition. The key is to find movements that are appropriate for each patient’s individual fitness level and injury.

Low impact stretching, as well as yoga and pilates inspired moves are good choices for back pain sufferers in particular.


Stretching is usually thought of as a precursor to exercise, but studies have shown that the simple act of properly stretching can be just as effective for back pain relief as yoga.


Regularly practicing yoga still tops the list of back healthy exercises and stretches. Finding the right poses and routines can be both physically rewarding, fun, and relaxing.

Strength Training

Building and maintaining muscle strength and flexibility should be a priority for anyone with back problems of any kind. Strong core muscles alleviate some of the strain on the spine and can help prevent injury. And strength training in conjunction with yoga and pilates also has the added benefit of helping to reduce or prevent weight gain.

Back Pain Relief in Los Angeles

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