Spinal injury treatments have significantly evolved over the last few decades. Conditions that may have once required complicated, traditional open surgery can now be treated with minimally invasive procedures that offer patients improved recovery times and outcomes. Because each patient and condition is unique, treatment options and results will vary from patient to patient.

At the Los Angeles Spine Group, pediatric and adult orthopedic spine surgeon Sanjay Khurana, MD offers each patient a comprehensive, thorough exam and diagnostic evaluation in order to determine the source of a patient’s symptoms, as well as the most effective form of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spine Surgery

What to Expect from Orthopedic Back SurgeryBelow are some of the most common questions regarding various spinal conditions and treatment options. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please feel free to contact our Los Angeles spinal facility today!

Q: When should I consider spine surgery?

A: Many cases of chronic back pain and certain spine conditions and injuries do not necessarily require surgery and often respond to conservative treatment options (such as rest, medication, lifestyle modifications, and physical therapy). Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the first step in determining if surgery is a viable option. Dr. Khurana evaluates each patient on a case by case basis to determine whether surgery is appropriate and likely to yield the best results.

Q: What is the difference between traditional and minimally invasive spine surgery?

A: Advancements in medical technology have made it possible for spine surgeons like Dr. Khurana to operate on patients using tools that allow for smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, and reduced risk for complications, all of which can potentially lead to faster healing and shorter recovery periods. The type of treatment used will depend on the patient and his or her particular condition or injury.

Q: What are the risks involved with minimally invasive spine surgery?

A: All medical procedures carry potential risks and side effects. Minimally invasive spine surgery is generally believed to offer substantial benefits over traditional procedures. Dr. Khurana has extensive experience performing complicated and common spine treatments and procedures.

Q: How long does it take to recover from back surgery?

A: The length of recovery will depend on the patient and type of procedure or surgery that is performed. Depending on the condition and the patients, some procedures may be performed on an outpatient basis, and rehabilitation can range from a few weeks to several months. Minimally invasive surgery typically allows patients to enjoy faster recovery times.

Q: Does insurance cover the cost of spine surgery?

A: While most major insurance carriers tend to offer coverage for most procedures, patients should check with their insurance provider to confirm what is covered under their policy.

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If you have any additional questions regarding spine surgery, or if you would like to schedule an appointment at our center, please contact Dr. Khurana at Los Angeles Spine Group at 310.574.0400. A consultation and diagnosis can help determine whether spine surgery is the right option for you.

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