Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Lower Back Pain

Spinal Motion Preservation Los AngelesWith a wealth of medical information available online, in blogs, and through numerous apps, patients have more resources than ever to get valuable information and make informed decisions about their healthcare options. On the flip side, there is also conflicting, contradictory, and often inaccurate information when it comes to everything from cancer prevention to how to treat the common cold. Back pain is no exception. How many hours can you sit every day before developing lower back pain? Does your posture really matter? Should you take medication or consider surgery for chronic pain?

Los Angeles orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Sanjay Khurana treats patients for chronic back pain and a broad range of spine injuries and conditions. Ensuring that patients have accurate information for back pain prevention and management is an important part of every treatment plan.

Some advice and tips can be straightforward and obvious. Putting too much pressure on the lower back, and sitting in front of a television or computer screen for hours on end with little to no physical exercise will most likely lead to strains and potential pain down the line. But how many of the accepted “facts” about back pain are actually true?

Bed Rest – Yay or Nay?

Although running a half marathon or lifting heavy weights is probably a bad idea when recovering from a back injury or suffering through a bout of pain, clinical research suggests that light physical activity is preferable. Always consult with a physician to determine the best types and level of activities for healing from a back injury.

Sit Up Straight?

Overall, posture plays an important role in spine health and proper alignment. But depending on the degree and source of back pain, sitting or standing upright in a rigid position could actually cause more harm than good – or at the very least more pain. Listening the the body’s signals is always best.

Weight Pain

This one is true. Carrying excess weight, especially in the midsection, can lead to pain-causing pressure and strain, especially in the lower back.

Shoes Shoes Shoes

When it comes to spine health, shopping for the (right) pair of shoes is a very good thing. Making sure that the feet and ankles are properly supported is important for proper alignment and avoiding injuries.

Toughen Up Your Mattress? Maybe Not

A mattress that is too hard does not necessarily hold advantages over one that is too soft when it comes to back pain. A mattress that evenly supports the spine and allows for comfortable movement while a person sleeps is ideal.

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