5 Tips to Seeking a Second Opinion for a Spine Injury

Los Angeles Spine SurgeonThe decision to seek out a second opinion after receiving a diagnosis for a spine condition, like degenerative disc disease or spine tumors, can be stressful and fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. Knowing when to accept a diagnosis, understanding how your own body works and what feels right and “normal,” and wanting to obtain the best possible care and treatment for optimal health and wellness are all important components of an effective health care plan.

In his capacity as an expert spine surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Sanjay Khurana has treated and advised thousands of patients for a broad range of back problems and pain, and suggests that all patients exercise their right to a second opinion for a spine injury, or any diagnosis that affects their health, in order to obtain the best treatment plan and care possible.

When Should You Consider Getting a Second Opinion?

Dr. Khurana and his team at the Los Angeles Spine Group suggest that patients consider several points when seeking a second opinion after an initial diagnosis. Because no two patients will experience pain or symptoms in quite the same way, even for the same condition, staying informed on all aspects of a diagnosis and the potential treatment options are key. Dr. Khurana specializes in spinal tumor excision and reconstruction.

Before undergoing an invasive course of treatment with significant side effects, like radiation or chemotherapy

In the case of spinal tumors, they typically tend to be metastatic (spread from another part of the body). However, primary spinal tumors (tumors that originate in the back or spine) are also possible, and knowing the difference is an important first step in determining treatment options.

Before agreeing to a complicated surgical procedure

Spine surgery has evolved, and many back and spinal injuries that once required traditional open surgery can now be treated with advanced, minimally invasive procedures, like  XLIF and ALIF, which can significantly minimize complications and recovery time for many spinal procedures.

When diagnosed with a condition with several potential treatment options

Many conditions have several treatment options, from physical therapy or a back brace to arthroscopic surgery. Not every option is optimal or feasible for every patient, and knowing the difference will make all the difference.

Before an experimental treatment or a clinical trial

The side effects and long-term prospects of experimental treatments and clinical trials can be unforeseeable and uncertain, often with little to no guarantees of success. It is important for patients to carefully consult with a specialist when considering this course of action.

When diagnosed with a condition with symptoms that closely resemble or overlap with other diseases or injuries

Many symptomatic back conditions that can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues often having overlapping symptoms. Obtaining as accurate a diagnosis as possible is essential to obtaining proper care.

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