5 Common Tips to Help Manage and Prevent Back Pain

LA Spine GroupSome form of back pain from time to time is inevitable. Americans in particular are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which can have a negative impact on the spine, and overall health and wellness in general.

How Can You Prevent Back Pain?

While certain spine injuries and conditions like scoliosis and degenerative disc disease can cause chronic back pain that requires treatment by board certified orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Sanjay Khurana at the Los Angeles Spine Group, there are practical, common sense steps that anyone can take to help maintain a healthy spine, and to help avoid the back pain that can often result from day-to-day activities over time.

You’ve probably heard it all before, but conventional advice and wisdom on lifestyle modifications that promote balanced, healthy weight, with a sensible diet and exercise, will never go out of style, for the simple fact that they have been proven to be the most effective for staving off pain and illness, and improving overall health time and time again.

  1. Get Up and Move

A safe, consistent exercise plan is the best defense against back pain and injuries. Specifically, strength training activities that create strong back and core muscles are a priority in order to provide overall support and stability for the spine.  

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weigh

Shedding excess pounds can go a long way towards preventing lower back problems, and helping to alleviate problems that may already exist. People with excess weight in the abdominal area in particular can experience a shift in the center of gravity, making the lower back especially vulnerable to chronic pain.

  1. Sit Up Straight! Good Posture is Everything

It turns out that mom and your elementary school teachers were not just nagging about posture after all! Everything from the position you sleep in to the type of chair you sit in can cause back pain, and affect your spine health. Try to choose a chair with a straight back that offers lower back support and keeps the knees in a parallel or slightly higher position than the hips. Using pillows to cushion and support the lower back, or between the knees while sleeping can help to ease pressure on the lower back.

  1.   Stretch it Out

Take regular breaks to stand and gently stretch the back muscles, especially during long periods of sitting.

  1.  Don’t Smoke

In addition to the negative impact on overall health, smoking can affect blood circulation and deprive the discs in the lumbar (lower) spine of necessary blood flow.

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